Gardening Tips

Gardening Tips

Plants for Different Types of Soil

plants for different types of soil

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Customers are asking about best plants for different soils. This might help. If you want to know more specifics, contact your county agent dept. They are great and helpful.

Plants for Problems with Rabbits

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Good morning. Looks like we are on the mend with the weather so our furry friends will be back. Lol

Thought this might help keep the rabbits away. Have a wonderful day!


plants for rabbit problems

Tips about Annuals and Planting


I thought I would pass on some helpful hints, in planting your garden. Annuals are once. You would plant them now. They would bloom until frost and then they are done forever. 

BUT. The exception to the rule, are annuals that reseed themselves. Some of these are cleome, snapdragons, annual dianthus, elysium, annual pansies and violas, portulaca. These are not guaranteed, but depending how the wind blows, the seeds are carried in fall where they re-germinate the next year. 

Also our furry friends and birds help. Lol. Also plant the tag with the annual. At the end of the season, keep the tags from the plants you liked, and throw away the ones that don’t float your boat, so you’ll know what you want next year.

Early Gardening and Planting

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In Spring,  we are in full swing for beginning seeds and early planting. Please watch for cold weather. If you are cold, you’re plants are too. They may need to be brought inside or covered when the temperatures dip.  Have a wonderful night

starting seeds